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Another year in Croatia and another WordCamp. Theres a slight change in the naming of the event this year. So, this year, the Croatian WordPress community is organizing WordCamp Split 2016. This change was initiated by WordCamp Central in a effort to unify the naming scheme worldwide. The change is purely cosmetic and the Croatian WordPress community will continue its yearly organization of WordCamps and rotate host cities and organizers.

As a part of our initial idea of rotating cities, this year we decided Split would host the event. The local Split community is maturing and having a event like WordCamp would be a great catalyst to spur further growth. We believe that people will find the larger context of WordPress inspiring, trough experiences and know-how of their colleagues from around the region and the world. September is also a great time to meet in Split. Good food, weather and the sea will certainly make the whole socializing experience much more enjoyable. And yes, there will be a great afterparty :D.

City of Split – mix of history and pleasure

Besides being featured in Game of Thrones as Meereen, Split is famous for being built inside and around a 1700 year old palace of Roman emperor Diocletian.

Its also the second largest city in Croatia and the biggest touristic and transportation hub in Dalmatia. Split International Airport is one of the busiest in Croatia, and since we’re planning WordCamp Split for the first weekend in September, there will still be many flights from all major European airports (London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm, Vienna, Amsterdam, Belgrade – to name a few).

Roman emperors know how to pick a place for their holiday homes, so we recommend extending your visit to Split for at least a week before or after the conference and enjoy a late summer vacation. Dalmatia has one of the most diverse coastlines around Europe with almost 600 islands, which is just asking for some boat time. Regardless of the length of your stay, you should still have enough time to hit the beaches, grab some sun and enjoy the exquisite Dalmatian cuisine and wines.

University of Split, Faculty of Economics – WordCamp Split organizational partner

This year, we welcome Faculty of Economics (part of University of Split) as our organizational partner. The Faculty of Economics in Split is the second largest institution of its kind in Croatia. It enrolls around 4,500 students in various study programs and study statuses. During its almost 40 years, a significant number of economists have studied in this department, including graduate economists, M.S. in economics and PhDs, many of whom now hold important positions in the economy, social affairs and political organizations.

Knowing all that it is no surprise that Croatian WordPress community partnered with Faculty of Economics to bring you the most important Croatian WordPress conference and we would like to thank prof. dr. sc. Maja Fredotović and dean prof. dr. sc. Željko Garača – WordCamp Split wouldn’t be possible without them.

Why attend WordCamp Split?

As we said earlier, WordCamp Split will be the official Croatian WordCamp in 2016 and since we organized an amazing WordCamp last year that got 95% attendee satisfaction rating (of which, 85% gave us 5 stars – thank you, you rock!).

Also, WordCamp Split is a perfect opportunity to meet people that work and live WordPress. Last year we had around 20% of people who visited us outside Croatia, so this is also an opportunity for new business leads.

WordCamp Split will release 200 tickets with an option for more tickets in case of additional interest. But we don’t want to create the biggest WordCamp ever – we want to have the same cosy atmosphere as the last year, of which our attendees said:

First WordCamp was a blast. The atmosphere, the team, food, talks – everything was great. The only thing I expect for the next year is even more great speakers and more workshops.
Marina Krmpotić

Awesome WordCamp, I am impressed! Truly one of the most inspiring events of this type I attended.
Dario Jazbec Hrvatin (speaker)

Spectacular…except for the lack of air conditioning, but everything else makes up for that.
Danijel Predojević

p.s. We don’t expect air conditioning problems this year 😉

Great speakers, great workshops. Congrats for the organization and atmosphere. It was great and it was only the first time.
Višeslav Račić

WordCamp was excellent. It was good to see colleagues that use WordPress and to learn about their work routines. Organization (and especially food) were above expectations and I was thrilled.
Marin Glibić

Thanks for every thing! It was awesome!
Laszlo Farkas

As a guy who never worked with WordPress I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot. The enthusiasm of people in WP community is exceptional, and the conference was a blast!
Stjepan Štajduhar

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What’s next?

Having second thoughts?

Don’t. Here is the video about Croatia that will help you make your mind.

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