Tomaž Zaman to open WordCamp Split

This year we are starting a tradition of last year’s favorite speaker opening the next year event. Last year we asked all attendees to pick 3 favorite talks and 70% of attendees selected talk “You are too cheap” from Tomaž Zaman as the best.

We are extremely happy to announce our first speaker for this year’s WordCamp Split and a good friend of Croatian WordPress community. Please welcome Tomaž Zaman from Codeable.

Codeable is a Slovenian-Danish (or Danish-Slovenian, whatever you love more :)) startup or even better – a platform. It connects WordPress professionals with clients. Codeable is definitely a #1 outsourcing service for WordPress working with clients such as Chris Lema, Yoast, WPEngine, WooCommerce and WerkPress and additionally for many of the Elite authors on ThemeForest.

You maybe don’t know that, but Automattic too has a small share in Codeable. Couple of years ago WooThemes bought a small share and as they were acquired by Automattic now Automattic holds that share.

How to start a business in WordPress; a Codeable story

When Tomaž started Codeable, he has been a complete newbie to the WordPress ecosystem, not knowing anything about the community or the platform itself. In his talk, he’ll describe the good, the bad and the ugly of his journey of building a web-based, WordPress-centric, and profitable business from the idea onward.

Tomaž Zaman

Tomaž spent years as a freelancer, building websites and applications for clients all over the world. He’s a completely self-taught developer who also likes to fiddle with servers. At Codeable, he’s responsible for product development and promotion, so you might find him at a WP conference or UX workshop, where he’s trying to learn about users’ habits as much as possible. In his free time, he spends time with his wife and four children, jumps out of perfectly working airplanes and enjoys a good movie.

Be active

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