Nela Dunato will give advices on how to battle endless design revisions

How many times have you missed website launch date, because of endless client revisions? This is a big problem, especially for freelancers and smaller companies in countries like Croatia. In her talk “End Design Revision Hell“, Nela will give us some good advices on how to proactively work with clients to stop endless revisions.

Who is Nela Dunato?

I live in Rijeka, and I enjoy art, anything sci-fi and fantasy related, hiking and personal development. I make a living creating brands and WordPress websites for small businesses and non-profits. I like to see myself as a fairy godmother that makes a business beautiful (without that pesky stroke of midnight side-effect). This year I’ve also started teaching graphic design at the Public Open University Algebra, and testing my content marketing workshops (which went rather well).

Your first contact with WordPress was?

I tried WordPress years ago for one of my old blogs, but I didn’t particularly like it, so I stuck with my own basic PHP script. When I became a full-time freelancer in 2013 and wanted to build client websites on my own, I tried WordPress again and boy, did it grow since the last time I saw it. I tested it on a few client projects, and now I recommend it to all my clients and they love it.

Nela Dunato is going to talk about how to stop endless design revisions
Nela Dunato is going to talk about how to stop endless design revisions

The Talk

As we said before, most of us (especially freelancers and small businesses) have problems when it comes to talking with clients to stop endless design revisions. Since your talk is about making this revision process shorter, what can we expect? Will you give some advices to our attendees?

My talk is about putting an end to infinite design revisions that keep pushing the launch date and make everyone miserable. It’s all our own fault (of course), and I’ll tell you what we can do to reduce the number of revisions, and how to set client expectations so they will actually be on board with our process. It’s basically “what I wish someone had told me years ago” that would save me a lot of time, money, pain and tears. While the talk is intended primarily for designers, I’m sure that anyone who works with clients or managers will find something useful in it.

One last word?

It’s really exciting to be speaking at WordCamp, since last year’s was pretty awesome, and I expect this one to be even better! I’m also happy to be visiting Split, which I’ve only been in once before, and there’s still a lot left for me to see.

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